Meet the team

All staff within People Services are here to help. Contact one of our mailboxes listed below with your people-related questions or queries. Members of staff can access information about each of the People Services teams on the staff portal.

  • If you have a general enquiry - or are unsure who to contact - please email, telephone us on extension 0141 331 8864 or visit us on level 1 of the William Harley Building, GCU Glasgow campus.
  • If you have a question relating to Health, Safety and Wellbeing, you can contact
  • Enquiries relating to Equality and Diversity can be directed to
  • If you would like to know more about staff development opportunities, please contact
  • Enquiries about Wellbeing can be directed to

You can also contact Fiona Campbell, Director of People (below):

Director of People
Fiona Campbell

ext: 8854

Responsible for:
strategic and overall management of People Services