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It’s been a busy year for the PACE Team.  As well as training a cohort of nine new facilitators, we’ve facilitated eight Rapid Improvement Workshops [RIW] – they’re focused events which bring together staff from across the University, who are experts in the process, where opportunities for improvement are identified and action plans for implementation are developed. 

RIWs have looked at a wide range of processes from how to get information ready for digitising to improving the Feedback to Future Learning programme and how to improve the process of issuing CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance) to international students.  We will update the website on those projects shortly, but in the meantime, here’s what’s been happening to some other PACE projects:

Mail Delivery Services – Facilities Management Department

There have been some big changes in how mail is delivered within the University, with new delivery points throughout the campus, designed to cut out the problems of staff having to redeliver mail.  The Mail Delivery Team has also negotiated with Royal Mail to deliver mail to the University at a time that allows redelivery at an acceptable time.  The Team have also been busy refreshing equipment and their base layout.  More importantly, the Team have been working on a communication plan; identifying key contacts and organising awareness raising sessions for staff.  

Student Induction

Following the RIW, the Student Induction Planning Group continues to meet monthly to organise the student induction programme for 2013/2014.  A great range of activities and essential knowledge sessions will be co-ordinated throughout fresher’s week with schools and central support services working together to maximise opportunities for students to engage.

Paperless UCAS System

PACE encourages experimentation through the use of pilot schemes.  Pilots are useful to discover what would work or what wouldn’t before you roll out your changes to a wider audience.  It was in piloting a new paperless UCAS system that the Recruitment and Admissions team found some software issues that meant work on a full roll out had to be postponed until they had been resolved.  It is hope to pilot the new system again for the AY 2014/2015 admission cycle.

Computer Allocation

Having a computer ready for when a new member of staff starts at GCU creates the right first impression and so this timely RIW was most welcome.  Participants at the RIW considered how this process could be streamlined and as a result, a new process and delivery routes will be rolled out to staff. 

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