Roles and responsibilities

PACE Session

PACE process improvement requires input from staff across the university.   Three main roles are identified within the improvement project and the RIW - Improvement Owner, Team Member and Facilitator.  In addition, to support the overall management of the university PACE activity, the Steering Group provide direction and governance.

Improvement Owner

When approval has been given by the PACE Steering Group for an RIW, the ‘process owner’ will be asked to act as Improvement Owner (IO). Where appropriate, a Project Leader (PL) may also be designated alongside the Improvement Owner, with operational responsibility for implementation of the action plan for the improved process.

The purpose of the IO role is to own and champion the new process, leading the process development team from their RIW experience through to full implementation of the improved process. This means that the Improvement Owner must have an authoritative understanding of the relevant process and its organisational context, and have the necessary authority to lead the change process.

The responsibilities of the Improvement Owner are to:

  • Identify the problems with the existing process, define the improvement objectives, identify relevant measures and collate background data.
  • Work with the Facilitator to scope and plan the RIW.
  • Identify and recruit the process improvement team, in consultation with the Facilitator.
  • Identify key institutional stakeholders and encourage their engagement with the process improvement project (for example by giving them an informal opportunity to meet the improvement team and briefing them on progress, and sending a copy of the workshop report).
  • Participate fully throughout the workshop.
  • Lead implementation of the improved process, including establishing a process implementation team and agreeing an implementation schedule and roles with the team, and identifying and bidding for any additional resources required to implement the new process;
  • Co-ordinate the process implementation team and ensure all members are kept up to date with progress.
  • Promote and disseminate information about the improved process through e.g. briefings, presentations, PACE website.
  • Provide the PACE Steering Group with progress reports as required.
  • Bring the improved process successfully to launch and ‘business as usual’ stages, ensuring that the improved process is fit for purpose and meets RIW objectives.
  • Find ways of encouraging the improvement team and rewarding their efforts.
  • Review improved process after one full cycle and report back to the Steering Group.

RIW Participant/Team Member

The purpose of the role is to use operational expertise to help design an improved process.

The responsibilities of the Participant role are to:

  • Use his/her operational expertise to fully participate in the design of an improved process.
  • Participate fully throughout the RIW
  • Support the Improvement Owner by participating in implementation project meetings and undertaking/supporting project work packages and/or local process changes to enable implementation.


RIW Facilitator

The purpose of the role is to facilitate the development of an improved process.  Thorough training and opportunities for practice will be provided to all facilitators. The responsibilities of the Facilitator role are to:

  • Support the Improvement Owner with the outline specification of the process and the selection of RIW participants.
  • Design the workshop experience in consultation with the designated Improvement Owner (and, where applicable, the Project Leader); this includes agreement on the relevant performance data to be used.
  • Specify the logistical arrangements for the workshop/RIW.
  • Book out and take responsibility for the Fixit! Simulation toolkit for the duration of the event and return it in good order for restocking.
  • Facilitate the RIW and the development of an improved process design which will meet the above objectives.
  • Document the RIW experience, including the improved process and distribute the report to workshop participants.
  • Provide post-RIW support for the Improvement Champion in specifying and implementing the improved process.

PACE Manager

Has responsibility for managing the implementation of all operational aspects of the continuous improvement strategy and the Rapid Improvement Workshop Programme.

Steering Group

The role of the PACE Steering Group is to develop and oversee the implementation the University’s continuous improvement strategy. The Steering Group reports to the Executive Board through its chair. 

Because of the key importance of engaging the University at large with PACE, group membership reflects the University’s broad academic and professional leadership.

Included in the terms of reference for the steering group are:

  • To drive continuous improvement of business processes in CGU
  • To promote operational excellence by engaging staff and fostering a sense of process ownership.
  • To identify and implement a strategic programme of continuous process improvement in line with the University’s strategic prioritie programme in line with institutional objectives.
  • To monitor, review and report on a regular basis to the Executive Board on the effectiveness of the PACE programme.
  • To raise awareness and understanding of operational excellence amongst GCU staff and to encourage and support them in their continuous improvement journey