• How PACE works

How PACE works

PACE_teach Using a simple kit of well proven tools and techniques, PACE helps you to improve processes in a systematic way. In action, PACE is about getting process experts and representatives from each step in a business process together, and tapping into the skills and insights that people working in the process have already. 

The experts, those who work in the process every day (lecturers, administrators, technicians, managers, students and many more) come together to form an Improvement Team. PACE equips staff with the capability to consider and review current processes and improve or develop new processes, which are fit for purpose.

Projects include colleagues at all levels working together – as agents of change, rather than the subjects of change. Following the five step continuous improvement cycle the Improvement Team (led by the Improvement Owner) works together to improve the process.  A trained PACE facilitator works with the Improvement Team in an interactive Rapid Improvement Workshop (RIW) to help define the issue, share tools and techniques and develop action plans. 

The Improvement Team is now ready to take the project forward to final implementation and review. 


PACE projects will vary in duration depending on the nature and scope.  Similarly RIWs may take a few hours or up to a few days.

You can download the Pace Brochure, which introduces some of the PACE tools and techniques.