PACE Awards 2012

December 2012 saw the first PACE Awards being presented.  Three awards were made, in recognition of the positive contribution to the PACE Initiative: Facilitator of the Year, Local Improvement Team of the Year and Improvement Team of the Year.   The awards were presented by the PACE Institutional Champion Sponsor and Secretary to the University, Jan Hulme.


Local Improvement Team of the Year: GSBS Mail Team

Kirsteen McKnight and Anna Wilson were awarded the Local Improvement of the Year trophy in recognition of the work they undertook on the mail delivery services within GSBS.  Anna and Kirsteen went along to a PACE Simulation day and put into practice some of the tools and techniques they learnt on the day to think about how mail is delivered throughout their School.  Having mapped the process, they then made suggestions for improvement which were accepted by the GSBS Management Group and will be implemented in January 2013.  As a result of their simplified process, mail deliveries are faster; the School has made a saving on the number of work hours spent on mail distribution, and more importantly, set up an new School information hub and staff social space to create inter departmental contact and networking. 

Anna said: “We’re really pleased with the finished result, and enjoyed working together to make it happen.” And both concluded that: “We would say to anyone considering using the PACE tools that it has been extremely worthwhile and to seize the opportunity.”

Improvement Team of the Year: Mail Delivery Team

While at the same time, a PACE facilitated workshop brought together colleagues from across the University to look at how mail is currently collected and distributed.  The MDS Team have been working hard implementing the outcomes and feedback from the workshop and as a result a number of major improvements have been, and continue to be rolled out, including the formation of a key contact distribution list, new equipment to help speed up the delivery of mail has been bought and a plan has been developed to improve communications between the service and customers.   

Aileen Douglas, of Campus Services, said: “We wanted to bring together everyone involved in mail delivery across the University to work towards an improved process. It’s often difficult to take a step back and think ‘what can we do to change this?’, which means many processes remain as they are. PACE gives colleagues the opportunity to do this and make positive changes for the benefit of everyone.”

PACE Facilitator of the Year: Jim Emery

Jim Emery (Learning Technologist for the Glasgow School for Business and Society) was overwhelming  voted PACE Facilitator of the Year by his fellow PACE Facilitators.  Jim has worked across a number of projects, contributed significantly to the development of the new simulation, which is used to demonstrate PACE tools and techniques in a fun and interesting way; has supported the PACE team and PACE facilitators in their technical and facilitation development and has also contributed to the building and content of the PACE GCU Learn site and the new facilitator development programme.   One PACE Facilitator said, “I would like to propose Jim for his positive attitude, willingness to support others, getting the job done, understanding the maths, tech ability and for his terrible sense of humour.”

Jim said, “I’m surprised that my colleagues thought I was worthy of this award and accept it with all due humility ... thanks for their nomination and even more so for their support over the last year or so.”