Students welcome Cabinet Secretary for Police Scotland campaign launch

25 September 2014

Students' Association Officers meet with Mr MacAskill and Inspector Tees

Students' Association Officers meet with Mr MacAskill and Inspector Tees

Students at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) today welcomed Kenny MacAskill MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Justice, and Inspector Scott Tees from Police Scotland’s Safer Communities Department for the launch of Police Scotland’s student safety campaign.

As more than 465,000 students start their studies in Scotland this month, Police Scotland has launched the campaign to provide advice to students on keeping safe over term time.

GCU was chosen to as the host venue to launch the campaign. Mr MacAskill MSP and Inspector Tees were interviewed by Students’ Association Officers including GCU Students' Association President Michael Stephenson. They also chatted with students about any safety concerns they might have.

Police Scotland’s Keep Safe campaign spans safety and security both at home and on campus; tips on keeping your valuables secure; avoiding online abuse and cyber bullying; and protecting yourself from identity theft and online scams.

The campaign will run for four weeks and highlight the key messages in a booklet which is also downloadable online. 

Mr MacAskill said: “I’m here supporting an initiative about staying safe, acting responsibly, looking after yourself and looking after your pals. This is the start of Freshers’ Week. Folk are having a great time in Glasgow and many other parts of Scotland and we want them to ensure that they enjoy this week and they enjoy every week they’re at college and university and that nothing untoward should happen to them. And that’s why we want to make sure they’re advised, they’ve got information and they know who they can get help from."