GCU and OPITO collaborate on oil and gas skills screening tool

10 September 2014

GCU and OPITO collaborate on skills screening tool

GCU and OPITO collaborate on skills screening tool

OPITO, the skills organisation for oil and gas, has called on Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) to support the creation of a skills screening tool which will improve recruitment and identify skills shortfalls within the oil and gas industry.

The production of oil and gas supports half a million jobs in the UK Continental Shelf, with 380,000 involved in extraction and up to 100,000 involved in the support of oilfield goods and services. 

OPITO, which aims to support a skilled and effective workforce by working with industry employers, government, academia and training organisations, is expanding the scope of its web based skill screening tool that assists oil and gas employers in measuring knowledge and identifying gaps in the skill sets of employees.

Previously solely focused on offshore roles, OPITO has identified 18 onshore job areas that they wish to provide industry employers with skills screen tests for, including: project management; supply chain management; construction engineering; electrical engineering; finance and accounting; subsea engineering; human resources; and environmental science.

GCU academics within the School of Engineering and Built Environment will create test questions, with multiple choice answers in these 18 new job areas.

Morven Spalding, OPITO’s skills development director, said: “In most oil and gas industry sectors, it is difficult to employ the right people, with the right set of skills, in the right place at the right time.

“The skills screening tool supports human resources, recruitment and training functions, helping employers measure the skills of individuals both already in their organisations and potential new recruits, giving a guarantee of underpinning knowledge in specific disciplines.

“Having a solid criteria based on expert intelligence for each role is critical in ensuring the tool meets the needs of the industry.”

GCU also offers a range of oil and gas Masters programmes.