Y Not Game Jam?

20 August 2014

The latest Game Jam planned for Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) will have a unique twist – it’s for women only.

The ‘Y Not Game Jam’ will be delivered in partnership with BAFTA Scotland to raise awareness of the under representation of women in the creative industries and to encourage more women to participate in such events.

Organised by the School of Engineering and Built Environment, participants will create digital games and applications from scratch in just two days.

The Y Not Game Jam will include a #1ReasonToBe panel session, with speakers including Luci Black, from Media Molecule, and Dr Jo Twist, from UKIE. Both will discuss their experiences of working in the games industry and why they feel there is a greater need for more women to enter it.

Dr Romana Ramzan, lecturer and Game Jam organiser, said: “The games industry needs more women. Although women account for almost 50% of the game-playing population, they only make up 6% of the workforce. The Y Not Game Jam is a great opportunity to reach out and encourage more women into the games industry.”

The panel session will be open to everyone, not just women. To attend the panel session only, email Dr Ramzan directly at romana.ramzan@gcu.ac.uk. To sign up for the entire event, use eventbrite

The event will kick off at 3pm on Friday, 29 August and finish at 5pm on Sunday, 31 August.

Participants of a previous Game Jam sought to raise the profile of the GCU-supported Gathering the Voices project through the creation of digital educational resources. These were inspired by the experiences of Jewish refugees who fled persecution as children in the 1930s and 1940s to start new lives in Scotland.

The noPILLS research project, which is a long-term venture aimed at reducing pharmaceutical micro-pollutants in the water cycle, was also the subject of a recent Game Jam.