GCU graduates help to deliver the 'best Commonwealth Games ever'

03 August 2014

Van Nguyen Thanh

Van Nguyen Thanh

As the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow come to a close, two GCU alumni share their experiences of being part of the ‘best games ever’.

 Van Nguyen Thanh (MSc International Project Management, 2014)

“I was part of the Transport Team based in Emirates Arena and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. Our remit was to ensure safe travel of athletes, media, technical officials, VIPs and accessible spectators. The gift that I received from the Games was the amazing team spirit. We worked together in rain and shine to make sure our clients travelled safely and smoothly. I am so happy I got to be part of the Games.”

 Dawn Orr (MSc Primary Care, 2008)

“I worked eight shifts as part of the medical team based at Ravenscraig Health Centre in Motherwell. The medical team was predominantly responsible for the gymnastics team who cannot train without a medical team on site. The team consisted of a doctor, nurse (me) a lead physiotherapist and two other physiotherapists. Within my role, I carried out triage of the presenting symptoms, completed blood pressure readings and dressed the hands of athletes after practising on the uneven bars.

I enjoyed my time and the team worked well together. The athletes were all very friendly and so talented, it makes you realise how unfit you really are! It was also really good for me to get back to basic nursing care. As my current role is at senior management level, I have minimal patient contact and reassuringly everything came back quickly. After watching the Olympics I wished I had volunteered so this was my opportunity to do something for Scotland and Glasgow.”

GCU is delighted that our alumni continue to support the University’s Common Weal vision post-graduation. If you have a story to share, then contact our Alumni Relations Team.