Reminiscing through Sport

10 July 2014

Sporting Memories Network participant

Sporting Memories Network participant

A charity which aims to improve the wellbeing of isolated people living with dementia or other mental health and social issues has called on sporting experts at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) to share their expertise and sporting memories during the summer of sport.

Sport and events lecturer within the Glasgow School for Business and Society Dr Fiona Skillen, PhD student Victoria Palmer, UG Social Science student Amy Cowan and interns Antoine Bordes and Alexis Barquet have been asked by the Sporting Memories Network to represent them at the Riverside Museum on July 19-20.

Sporting Memories Network, a charity which aims to improve the wellbeing of people with dementia, will record the sporting memories of those visiting the two-day 1930s Sports & Playtime Games event.

The Network uses sport as a catalyst to evoke memories and is keen to encourage people to share their own memories.

Chris Wilkins Co-founder of Sporting Memories Network said:"We are pleased to be working with GCU and drawing on the in-depth knowledge of sport and its place in society. Having staff and students join us at the Riverside Museum as 'Memory Makers' to gather sporting memories from visitors will help build-up our resources. We will use the memories of the Commonwealth Games and sport in Glasgow to help trigger the memories of the older people we work with."

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