Kerry Kennedy celebrates Social Business Day

01 July 2014

GCU Chancellor Muhammad Yunus with Kerry Kennedy

GCU Chancellor Muhammad Yunus with Kerry Kennedy

Chancellor Muhammad Yunus was joined by human-rights activist Kerry Kennedy and more than 1000 delegates from around the world to celebrate the fifth Social Business Day on June 28.

Keynote speaker Ms Kennedy, daughter of Robert F Kennedy and President of the Robert F Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, told the conference: “While Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York has the Statue of Liberty, and Cairo has the Pyramids, Bangladesh boasts not bricks but a man - a man admired by every country on earth, a man who has become synonymous with all that is admirable about Bangladesh, Muhammad Yunus.

“The idea behind social business is we are not in it for ourselves, but for our communities. Stopping poverty, assuring universal quality education, protecting and promoting healthcare, empowering women, stopping violations of human rights - that’s what social businesses do; that’s what this conference is all about.  And that’s why the idea of social business appeals to the best in us, the part of us that says we can make a difference no matter how daunting the challenges may seem, the spirit that keeps pushing that boulder up the hill.  That’s Muhammad Yunus, that's social business, that’s this conference.”

This year’s Social Business Day, held in Dhaka and organised by the Yunus Centre, focused on the theme “We Are Not Job-Seekers, We Are Job-Givers - Turning Unemployment into Entrepreneurship” and aimed to tackle youth unemployment through social business.

The gathering was an opportunity for the global social business community to collaborate on the development of effective solutions to solve society's most pressing problems and was attended by participants from 31 countries.