Social work students to study global welfare systems

13 May 2014

The students will be led by Lecturer Barrie Levine

The students will be led by Lecturer Barrie Levine

Social Work students are travelling to Stockholm to explore welfare systems in Sweden and around the world.

Ten second-year students will join their peers and academics from Sweden, India and South Africa, at the Ersta Sköndal Global Sessions 2014.  The 10 day event will involve a series of lectures, workshops, field-visits and student-led presentations. 

The students, whose trip is being sponsored by the Scottish Government, will be led by Lecturer Barrie Levine, who will also be lecturing at the event.

Said Barrie: “Our students will be learning about the welfare system in Sweden and exploring the realities of the Nordic model – well known for its principles of universalism, social cohesion, equal opportunities and greater equality. This is particularly relevant as we approach the referendum, with much debate about the possibility of creating a new model of welfare in Scotland.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our students, and builds on our partnership with Ersta Sköndal University.  We are very excited about this trip which meets the objectives of the University’s Internationalisation strategy and the internationalisation of our curriculum. We are also hoping that three of the students attending the event will be heading back to Stockholm later in the year to take up an Erasmus exchange opportunity.”

Daniel Robertson, one of the students heading to Stockholm, said; “Everyone is keen to learn more about welfare systems around the world to allow us to compare practice here, especially in light of the referendum.  Social Work is essential to society and we hope that we can bring back positive examples and fresh ideas.”