GCU student exchange with UMass

25 March 2014

In GCU's Life Sciences lab

In GCU's Life Sciences lab

Eight first-year Pre-Med students are shadowing Biomedical/Biological Sciences students while six first-year GCU Biosciences students are studying at UMass.

It is the third time UMass students have visited GCU as part of an exchange programme initiated by Professor Kevan Gartland. The one-week programme was initially funded by the Prime Minister’s Initiative and the Scottish Government’s Saltire Fund. The School is funding the latest exchange.

Dr Julie Rattray, of Life Sciences, said: “We are delighted to welcome the UMass students to GCU and to offer our students a unique chance to study abroad.  Such an early short exchange opportunity encourages our students to take up further chances to build study at our partner institutions around the world into their time at GCU and really helps to broaden their horizons.”

As well as lab work, lectures and tutorials, the UMass students are enjoying a range of social and cultural activities including touring Glasgow and Edinburgh and a trip to a distillery.

Last week The School of Engineering and Built Environment hosted students from UMass.