Wellcome Trust backs unique Health History Centre

26 February 2014

Professor Peter Kirby

Professor Peter Kirby

The Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare, a collaborative research group which links GCU and Strathclyde Universities and is supported by health research funding body the Wellcome Trust, has had its grant period extended by one year.

The Wellcome Trust first supported the Centre in 2008 and provided a further major grant in 2013 which will now run until at least June 2015. Funding has totalled more than £400,000 over six years.

Professor Peter Kirby, GCU Chair of Social History and Director of the Centre, said the extension will be invaluable in continuing the Centre’s research, teaching, international exchanges and public engagement work around the historical development of health, healthcare and medical science.

He said: “We recently hosted the Wellcome Trust’s new Head of Medical Humanities Dr Dan O'Connor who, as well as discussing current and future research plans with Centre members, commented on our ‘unique brand’ and said it was great to hear about the good work going on at the Centre.”

The Centre plans to invite a further International Visiting Professor during 2014-15 after having welcomed Professor Rima Apple, University of Wisconsin, and Professor Gao Xi, Fudan University, Shanghai, in 2013.

An annual lecture, research seminar series, two-day international symposium and a public lecture series will also take place over the coming year.

Peter added: "The Wellcome Trust is a 'blue-chip' funder of innovative research and public engagement projects in the medical sciences, social sciences and medical humanities.

“We have benefited enormously from the Trust's funding in recent years and we now plan to build further upon our existing critical mass of researchers and research-led activities by forging closer international links with scholars in China and south Asia as well as enlarging the scope of our study of long-term changes in health in Scotland and the British Isles."