Finance Minister John Swinney tests out the latest technology from GCU

30 October 2013

A team of researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University demonstrated the latest technical advances in rehabilitation to John Swinney, the Scottish Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth. 

GCU’s Professor Lynne Baillie and her team from the School of Engineering and Built Environment were attending the inaugural European Telemedicine Conference and the European Innovation Showcase in the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. The event brought together the UK, US and Asia’s leading healthcare experts in technology to illustrate how digital advances tackle the increasing demands placed on healthcare.

The University was demonstrating latest research and developments in fall and knee replacement rehabilitation technology.

GCU’s Professor Lynne Baillie, said: "The Envisage project is about promoting independence by involving users in rehabilitation through visualisations and games.

“The team was excited that Mr Swinney took so much time, not just to talk to us about the project, but to actually play one of our falls rehabilitation games."

The ITT research group is investigating new technological challenges and opportunities, and its impact on the population.

The rehabilitation technology was funded as part of the Envisage Project which GCU’s Professor Lynne Baillie is co-investigator on and also includes, Strathclyde University’s Professor Phil Rowe, who is the principal investigator, and Professor Alastair MacDonald from the Glasgow School of Art.  The project is funded by the Life Long Health and Wellbeing programme of the Medical Research Council and received funding of £1.5million.

The project website can be viewed here: