GCU joins UN business education champions group

04 October 2013

GCUs Dr Alec Wersun, PRME Leadership Team, together with Jonas Haertle, Head of the PRME Secretariat, and Merrill Csuri of PRME

GCUs Dr Alec Wersun, PRME Leadership Team, together with Jonas Haertle, Head of the PRME Secretariat, and Merrill Csuri of PRME

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) has been recognised by the United Nations (UN) for its work to embed social responsibility, ethics and sustainability into its curriculum.

GCU is a signatory to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) scheme and was invited to join the ‘PRME Champions’ group at a UN Summit in New York in September. ‘PRME Champions’ is a worldwide leadership network of 26 members, chosen from a list of more than 500 business education institutions worldwide.    

The University joined PRME in 2012 and is currently changing the way business is taught and viewed across the University to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow are better equipped to manage the complex challenges faced by the sector.

The design of business programmes in GCU’s Glasgow School for Business and Society means that all students have the opportunity to take entrepreneurship courses. This is combined with a wide range of modules that integrate issues of social responsibility, ethics and sustainability. 

The School offers a collection of undergraduate courses in Business Management, International Marketing, International Business, and Fashion, Retail, Events and Sports Management, among others.  

Professor John Wilson, Executive Dean and Pro Vice-Chancellor of Glasgow School for Business and Society, said: “GCU’s commitment to and involvement in PRME demonstrate its long term mission to deliver economic and social benefits at home and across the world, and by adopting the Principles, GCU has pledged to engage in a continuous process of improvement with regard to embedding this within the curriculum.  The University is already demonstrating alignment with the PRME values, through the creation of the first MSc in Social Enterprise in Scotland in partnership with the Social Enterprise Academy and has also established an MSc in Citizenship and Human Rights, in partnership with the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.”

GCU received two other accolades at a recent PRME conference in Slovenia. The University received an award for "Recognition of Excellence in Reporting". GCU’s Dr Stephen Sinclair was lead-author of the Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) report. The second edition of the Inspirational Guide for the Implementation of PRME also included case studies by the University’s Professor Cam Donaldson and Dr Liz Frondigoun. The Guide features just 28 cases. 

Dr Alec Wersun, PRME Leadership Team, Glasgow School for Business and Society, said: "The invitation to join the PRME Champions Group, the award and the blind-review selection of GSBS cases for the Inspirational Guide are a wonderful endorsement of the University’s capacity to contribute to the worldwide movement to embed responsible business education within the sector.”

Launched under the leadership of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2007, PRME demands more socially responsible business research and thought leadership as businesses face up to the complex challenges of the global economy in the 21st century.

GCU's participation, led by the Glasgow School for Business and Society (GSBS), is a commitment to ensure that the PRME principles are central to the University's teaching, learning, and research.