Moffat Centre to calculate value of tourism to Scots economy

06 September 2013

The tourism sector is worth £4.3bn to the Scottish economy

The tourism sector is worth £4.3bn to the Scottish economy

GCU’s Moffat Centre has won the contract to work out how much Scottish tourism is worth to the Scottish economy at a national and local level.

Working in partnership with Professor Hervey Gibson, from consultants Cogentsi, the Centre will establish the volume and value of tourism in Scotland.

The results of the work will go on to inform a wide range of organisations, including national tourism body VisitScotland, local authorities and Scotland’s National Parks.

Researchers will use a wide range of indicators, including hotel occupancy rates, visitor numbers, traffic and weather, to construct a model - or tool - which will be used to calculate the figures.

The resulting statistics will be broken down at a local authority level so each region of Scotland can access the data most relevant to them.

Professor John Lennon, Vice Dean Glasgow School for Business and Society and Director of the Moffat Centre for Travel and Tourism Business Development, said:

“This is a critical piece of work for the Centre and the University. This data will be used to inform policy and public sector expenditure across the nation in this vital sector of the economy. It is crucial that evaluation is robust and user friendly in order to inform such decision making. It is a great piece of work to do and will help secure our reputation for industry-oriented research and learning.”

According to the latest Scottish Government figures, the tourism sector is worth £4.3bn to the Scottish economy in direct expenditure from overnight visitors and provides employment to 185,900 people.