Volunteers needed for leg pain study

04 September 2013

Researcher Anna Iveson

Researcher Anna Iveson

Regular walking is one of the best routes to better health – but what if muscle cramps make it impossible to get going?

That’s what researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) – who have teamed up with NHS Lanarkshire – want to find out in a study which will look at the impact of vascular leg pain on patients’ everyday walking behaviour.

Researchers want to recruit men and women aged between 56 and 94 years who do not suffer with muscle cramping on exercise from the East Kilbride area to compare with those – who have already been recruited to the study – who do live with vascular leg pain.

Both groups will be fitted with a small activPAL™ activity monitor – a device developed in Glasgow – to measure their activity as they go about their everyday routine for one week.

Participants will be presented with a personalised report on their activity levels, helping them discover how active they really are.

Researcher Anna Iveson, a GCU PhD student, said: "We are really keen to hear from men and women aged between 56 and 94 years living in Lanarkshire who would be willing to wear an activity monitor and carry a GPS (Global Positioning System) device for one week. It does not matter if you don’t think you’re very active, as we’re looking for a range of activity levels. 

“For participating, we will provide you with an individualised report of your week’s activity levels. Even if you don’t think you are what we’re looking for, please get in contact, or spread the word to your friends and family.”

Unlike previous research into this condition, the study uses satellite technology as participants also carry a GPS device. This allows the researchers to link an individual’s walking activity with the location in which it occurs, for example walking up a steep hill, which researchers hope will deliver new insights.