GCU economist appointed to Scottish Government welfare group

15 August 2013

Professor Ailsa McKay

Professor Ailsa McKay

The Scottish Government has invited Professor Ailsa McKay to sit on the Expert Working Group on Welfare, which is developing recommendations for a welfare system which could be introduced in the event of a yes vote in next year’s independence referendum.

Welfare is currently a reserved area of the Westminster Government.

Professor McKay, Director of GCU’s Women in Scotland’s Economy Research Centre, is one of five new appointments to the committee, which is made up of leading figures in welfare and care provision, business and academia.

Having made initial recommendations to Scottish Ministers in June, the group will now develop medium and long-term policy and delivery options for a welfare system if Scotland chooses to become independent.

Professor McKay said: “I am delighted to be invited to participate in the expert working group on welfare. Welfare reform is high on the political agenda across the advanced capitalist world and the independence debate here in Scotland provides us with the opportunity to explore and develop alternative visions for state welfare that better meet the needs of all citizens. 

“I look forward to working with colleagues to produce a blueprint for state supported welfare provision in Scotland based on the principles of rights, equality and justice that serves to provide real social security for all of Scotland's people."

The Group will report to Ministers in early 2014.