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Leaders in science, business and the arts honoured during second day of GCU graduations

04 July 2013

Anne Glover

Anne Glover

Hundreds of students from the University’s Glasgow School for Business and Society have celebrated years of hard work as the University’s second day of summer graduation ceremonies were held at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC).

More than 1000 students from the School joined honorary graduates scientific advisor Professor Anne Glover, fashion businessman Brian Duffy and Glasgow-born writer and actor Phyllida Law, the mother of fellow actor Emma Thompson, who was in the audience to watch her mother collect her award.    

GCU Chancellor Professor Muhammad Yunus welcomed graduands and their families to the SECC.

He said: “It is my great privilege to welcome you to this ceremony. Graduation is one of the most memorable occasions in everybody’s lives. I must remind you all that you are the most powerful generation in human history. You have the most amazing technology at your command and the ability to build a better world. You are superman and superwoman. You can change it all. Congratulations.”

Professor Mike Mannion, Vice-Principal and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research), paid tribute to Professor Anne Glover, who is the Chief Scientific Advisor to the President of the European Commission. He noted her great “intellectual curiosity” as he presented her for an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science in recognition of her outstanding contribution in the field of molecular and cell biology research and achievements in her role as Chief Scientific Advisor for Scotland.

Professor Glover said: “I am delighted to receive what for me is a tremendous honour - to receive this award from what is a 21st century university. The older universities have their place, but this is a university that is setting its sights forward, that is embracing the future, and producing 21st century graduates.  That is the reason that I am so proud to receive this honour today.”

Professor Christopher Moore, Assistant Vice-Principal and Chair in Marketing and Retailing, said Brian Duffy was “one of the best marketeers of his generation” as he presented the fashion businessman for an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Business Administration for Brian Duffy’s extensive experience within luxury brand marketing.

Brian Duffy said: “It is really very special to be standing here in my home city and part of this special occasion. It seems unlikely, but it also seems unlikely that I’d go from a council estate to discussing, even debating, business strategy with Ralph Lauren. Right now, some of you may be worried about the economic situation but I believe there is a world of opportunity for bright, young and educated people like you. You have graduated from a fantastic university. Congratulations. ”

Professor Karen Stanton, Vice-Principal and Pro Vice-Chancellor for International and External Relations, presented actor Phyllida Law for an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters in recognition of her relationship with GCU as an alumnus of founding institution, Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science, or ‘Dough School, together with her outstanding achievements in TV, film and stage productions.

In humorous, light-hearted speech, Phyllida told graduates: “The thing about being in your eighties is that it sounds like you’ve got such a fantastic CV. There are things on it that I can’t even remember any more. I can remember being given some advice though and that was to do with not being afraid, scared or nervous. I found that quite useful at the time - but I haven’t managed to follow any of it, of course.”