GCU expert to attend global Climate Justice Conference

10 April 2013

GCU engineer and social scientist Dr Tahseen Jafry

GCU engineer and social scientist Dr Tahseen Jafry

A GCU academic will travel to Dublin in April to take part in a prestigious Climate Justice Conference organised by the Irish Government and centre for thought-leadership the Mary Robinson Foundation (MRFCJ).

Dr Tahseen Jafry, an engineer and social scientist, has been invited to participate in the conference ‘Hunger – nutrition – climate justice 2013. A new dialogue: putting people at the heart of global development’ which will take place in Dublin on the 15th and 16th of April.

Dr Jafry, who is based in the Sustainable Urban Environments Research Group within the Institute for Sustainable Engineering and Technology Research, has extensive research and development experience on natural resource management, gender and social equity and equality in agricultural development.

Dr Jafry said: “There is an urgent need to identify sustainable strategies and solutions that address the needs of the poorest, especially women in achieving food security in changing climatic conditions. Though women participate in all activities related to agriculture they are usually the first to be marginalised and we need to look at mechanisms for changing that.”

For the first half of the year, Ireland will hold the Presidency of the European Union. Addressing the links between hunger, nutrition and climate justice has been identified as a key priority during the country’s Presidency.

April’s conference aims to encourage and inspire innovative thinking and solutions and will bring together key policy makers and global thought leaders with local people and practitioners facing the realities of rising food prices, failed crops, under-nutrition and lack of representation. 

Dr Jafry is currently working on gender and social issues associated with climate change adaptation and mitigation in the agricultural sector. It is an area of crucial importance as the poorest and most vulnerable people, quite often female farmers, are being most affected by climate change and they face increasing challenges in securing enough food for their families.

Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and President of MRFCJ, is an Honorary Doctor of Letters at GCU.