Real World Project is a beacon of good practice

05 March 2013

GCU Principal Professor Pamela Gillies

GCU Principal Professor Pamela Gillies

GCU’s Real World Project will feature at the British Council’s Going Global event in Dubai as an example of how universities can best equip students for employment.

The project features in new University Alliance research into employability which shows that international students whose main motivation is getting a good job are more likely to choose to study at Alliance universities, 24 of the UK's most innovative and enterprising institutions.

The research will be presented at the conference on University Alliance’s behalf by Principal Professor Pamela Gillies. Professor Gillies is attending the conference as part of a Ministerial delegation including Minister of State for Universities and Science David Willetts, which is also meeting high-profile stakeholders in Doha in Qatar.

The British Council conference allows global leaders of international education to discuss issues facing the community.The research, Growing Global Graduates, found that 87% of international students studying at Alliance universities, including GCU, are studying because they want to get a good job, compared to an average of 83% globally and at other UK universities.

Growing Global Graduates brings together 24 best-practice examples from Alliance universities which demonstrate why they are so effective at equipping students for long-term employability and why students are choosing to study at them.

Professor Gillies said: “Glasgow Caledonian University, like all Alliance universities, is committed to working in partnership with staff, students and employers to develop graduates with the appropriate attributes to meet the complex demands of the modern workplace.

“Our Real World Project, featured in the report, ensures that employability is at the heart of all that we do. From curriculum development to careers advice and guidance, our Real World Project ensures that our students have the necessary attributes to secure a rewarding and fulfilling role when they graduate. This is why Alliance universities will continue to be an attractive destination for prospective students, including those from overseas.”