GCU academic organises Malaysian climate change conference

15 November 2012

Dr Tahseen Jafry

Dr Tahseen Jafry

A GCU specialist in climate change has played a key role in organising a global conference on the issue to be held in Kuala Lumpur at the end of November.

Senior Lecturer Dr Tahseen Jafry, who is both an engineer and a social scientist, is co-chair of the second international Climate Change and Social Issues conference which will be held in Malaysia on the 28th and 29th of November.

GCU will host the conference dinner, to be held at the end of the first day, sponsored by the School of Engineering and Built Environment Dr Jafry has worked with the Sri Lankan-based International Centre for Research and Development in organising the conference.

She is a specialist in natural resource management, gender and agricultural development – key components in the larger climate change debate.

Dr Jafry will chair the session on Climate Change and Gender Issues. Dr Jafry said: "There is an urgent need to identify sustainable strategies and solutions that addresses women's role in achieving food security in changing climatic conditions. Though women participate in all activities related to agriculture they are usually the first to be marginalised and we need to look at mechanisms for changing that."

In October 2011, the University was pleased to welcome Dr Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, who presented the 2011 Magnusson Lecture ‘Climate Justice – Challenges and Opportunities’Dr Jafry’s work continues to address the challenges of climate change, which Dr Robinson described as a serious threat from the world’s wealthiest nations to the human rights of those in the world’s poorest countries.