GCU academic appointed to Future of Scotland advisory group

22 August 2012

Professor Sue Scott

Professor Sue Scott

One of Glasgow Caledonian University’s most senior academics will join a new group offering advice on a major programme of research to inform debate in the run-up to the Scottish independence referendum and beyond.

Vice Principal and Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research Professor Sue Scott has accepted an invitation to join a group of leading academics and thinkers who will offer advice to the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the UK’s largest funder of economic and social research. 

The group will advise on a range of research questions around the future of Scotland. These include voting, culture and identity, business intelligence, fiscal and monetary policy, policy development, building of new constitutional arrangements, and defence and administrative practice - particularly in public service delivery.

Professor Scott is a distinguished sociologist, whose recent work has been in the fields of gender and sexuality and risk, with applied work on sex education. Prior to her appointment as Pro Vice Chancellor at GCU, Professor Scott was Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Keele University.  She has worked at the universities of Durham, Stirling, Manchester, Cambridge and Lancaster and has held research posts in the health sector and local government.

She is a past member of the ESRC Research Grants Board and was Chair of the Steering Group for the ESRC’s International Benchmarking of UK Sociology. She is also a member of the international advisory group for the rector of Helsinki University, advising on internationalisation among other issues, and in 2013 will begin an honorary professorship at the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Scott said: “I am delighted to accept a place amongst this distinguished group. Irrespective of the result, the forthcoming referendum throws up a huge range of questions concerning the social and economic future of Scotland. I look forward to contributing to what will no doubt be a robust and stimulating debate about further research.”

Professor Scott will join group chair Professor John Beath, University of St Andrews, ESRC Council Member, Training and Skills; Professor Alice Brown, General Secretary, Royal Society of Edinburgh; Ms Christine Lenihan, Chair, Lloyds/TSB Foundation for Scotland; Mr Jeremy Peat, Director of the David Hume Institute, Scottish Enterprise Board; Mr David Walker, ESRC Council Member, Methods & Infrastructure Committee Chair.