GCU wins superhot competition with pizza-delivery game

25 May 2017

Glasgow Caledonian University’s (GCU) Lyall Campbell has grabbed a 'pizza' the action by winning a global games design competition.

The BSc Computer Games (Design) third-year student entered the #MAKEITSUPERHOT competition, which tasked game designers to create a modification, add-on or standalone game based on last year’s hit game, Superhot.

Rising to the challenge, Lyall created a pizza-delivery game, entitled Peer-2-Pizza.

The competition was organised by website Mod DB and the developers of the Superhot game, a unique first-person shooter. Entries were judged on playability, fun factor, creativity and how much inspiration had been drawn from the Superhot game itself.

As well as landing himself a $5,000 prize, Lyall received other goodies too, including PC parts. Judges branded his game “unique”.

He said: “I heard about the competition via games news outlets on Twitter and it primarily caught my attention because of the interesting Superhot theme.

“It was clear from reading the brief that anything goes, providing it was related to Superhot.

“Superhot sells itself strongly on its brilliant ‘time-moves-when-you-move’ mechanic, which was definitely going to be the main characteristic of my game. I wanted to avoid the shooting element from the start, though, or something that might become too similar to the original game.

“Throwing and catching became the base for my game, with the main goal of getting an object to a certain place. As for the pizza idea, I was using pizza as a silly placeholder object, which naturally got way out of hand, leading to a silly game about delivering pizza via computers and technology.

“My programme, and its various modules, at GCU has been great for building up a broad knowledge of game development, allowing me to build a practical set of skills. This competition was a great way of directly applying the knowledge and skills gained throughout the course. Without it, the game would be far from what it is today.”

David Farrell, lecturer in games design at GCU, said: “Lyall’s approach to the competition really impressed me.  Instead of making something very much like the original game, he managed to evoke the spirit of Superhot, while somehow making a game about delivering pizza.”