GCU student Fiona to raise awareness of climate change in Nepal

17 May 2017

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) student Fiona Jarvis is to travel to Nepal this summer to explore the country’s fragile ecosystem and raise awareness of climate change within the local community.

Fiona’s dream of helping to drive positive change throughout Nepal is being supported by a Magnus Magnusson Award, which will fund her work with Volunteer Initiative Nepal, a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on sustainable, community-based development in the most disadvantaged regions of the country.

Developing countries are disproportionately feeling the impact of climate change and are increasingly being affected by floods, droughts and natural disasters. There is, therefore, an urgent need for research into adaptive solutions and mitigation.

MSc Climate Justice student Fiona said: “As a country prone to flooding and largely dependent on rain-fed agriculture, Nepal faces many environmental, economic and social challenges. Throughout the year, my studies have helped me to develop a skillset that can assist with these challenges: assessing adaptation strategies and identifying possible areas of improvement; recognising the importance of community-based approaches and how to successfully implement these; and to effectively analyse and synthesise data to help make more informed decisions.

“Not only will being a part of this project support the practical application of my coursework, but it will give me hands-on learning opportunities and invaluable experience. With the intention of forging a career in the environmental arena, I hope my time in Nepal will enhance my future employability.”

Journalist and broadcaster Dr Sally Magnusson, Honorary President of the Magnusson Fellowship and an Honorary Graduate of GCU, presented Fiona with the Sir Alex Ferguson Magnusson Award at a ceremony held at the University.

Fiona was one of eight GCU students presented with an award in the name of the University’s late Chancellor, Magnus Magnusson KBE.

The annual awards support the ambitions and dreams of talented students and researchers at GCU. To date, they have supported more than 80 students to undertake their own dream projects worldwide.