GCU Fair Fashion Center presents NYCxDesign event

09 May 2017

GCU New York is participating in NYCxDESIGN, an annual celebration across the city, which brings together the disciplines of design, commerce, entertainment, culture and education. 

Launched in 2013 with the support of New York City Council, NYCxDESIGN comprises events across all five boroughs between May 3 and 24.

As part of the event, GCU New York's Fair Fashion Center is showcasing a glimpse of the future of high-quality fashion fabrics in partnership with Miniwiz, a company which specialises in recycling products for construction and interior architecture purposes, and fabric designer Bonotto.

On display until May 23, the exhibition features beautiful tapestries made with recycled products such as plastics.

The goal of the exhibition is to highlight the benefits of using old products to create beautiful new fabrics, leading the fashion industry into the circular economy where nothing is wasted and contributing to sustainable business practices.

The exhibition also featured on the radio station NY1’s “Your Weekend Starts Now” segment, which has an online impact of 2.1 million impressions.

The Fair Fashion Center leads research and engagement with global brands to embed sustainability in the $2.5 trillion fashion industry.

GCU New York Vice-President and Founding Director of the Fair Fashion Center Cara Smyth said: "The ability to re-engineer high quality performance textiles has arrived.

"The juxtaposition of plastic-bottle waste and the amazing colourful tapestry they turned into, shatters the idea that recycled fabrics can't have a luxury hand feel. This installation will begin to revolutionise the way we think about recycled textiles and circular innovation. Waste truly can turn into worth."

The exhibition launched with a discussion with Johann Boedecker, Partner and European CEO at Miniwiz, and Ed Hogikyan, Senior Vice-President of Marketing at the New York City Economic Development Corporation, moderated by Nina Garcia from Marie Claire.

For more information and to register, visit GCU NY.