GCU researchers participate in Global Young Academy conference

07 April 2017

Dr Karen Lorimer

Dr Karen Lorimer

Outstanding young scientists from around the world will gather in Scotland to discuss Social Justice in a Rapidly Changing World at the Global Young Academy’s annual scientific conference, the first time the event has been held in the UK.

200 Global Young Academy (GYA) members from over 50 countries, distinguished members of the GYA advisory board, senior scientists, and science administrators will assemble in Aviemore to address topics of global importance.

Fergus Ewing, MSP for Inverness and Nairn and Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity, will address members.

Mr Ewing said: “Scientists are vital to the world. They are working hard to deliver many innovations - to find solutions to poverty disease and better food production; to advance engineering solutions, improve the use of natural resources, cut carbon footprint; to make electric or hydrogen run motor vehicles as good or better than conventional; to harness the geothermal power of the earth - and much more.

“Science is a global pursuit with knowledge and research having no boundaries. So to bring together young scientists here in Scotland is a good thing, and I hope this event will help create long-lasting friendships and forge beneficial working relationships in the future.”

The 2017 bid to host the conference in Scotland, taking place from May 15 to 19, was won by a team of researchers: Dr Karen Lorimer, Glasgow Caledonian University; Professor Stefan Hild, University of Glasgow; Dr Martin Dominik, University of St. Andrews; and Professor Karly Kehoe, St. Mary’s University in Canada and Member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Young Academy of Scotland.

The team has formed a local organising committee and will raise funding to cover conference costs and enable travel for GYA members from as far afield as Nigeria, Israel, Canada, Malaysia, Russia and Taiwan.

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and the University of Glasgow have together contributed a significant amount for the event.

Dr Karen Lorimer said: “As a member of both the RSE Young Academy and the GYA, I am delighted to help bring gifted early-career scientists to Scotland, where social justice, equality and inclusion are supported by both the Scottish Government and the communities around us.

“I am particularly pleased to have the support of GCU, the University for the Common Good, for which social justice is embedded across its research and teaching.”

Find out more at https://globalyoungacademy.net/