GCU New York discusses roots of US manufacturing with Shinola Town Hall

20 February 2017

GCU New York hosted a conversation as part of its ongoing Fair Fashion Center Town Hall series, focused on American manufacturing and job creation.

The discussion was moderated by Selby Drummond, Accessories Director at Vogue and featured Jacques Panis, President of Shinola, a leader in modern, handcrafted watches, bicycles, leather goods, journals and pet accessories.

Panis, with more than 10 years of experience in marketing and branding, brought his perspective on fostering skill at scale, the preservation of craft and the beauty of industry. During the dialogue, he discussed Shinola’s focus on investment in the American workforce, and the company’s dedication to creating quality products that are built to last in a world that is too often focused on cheap production and quick profits.

The evening began with a presentation given by Panis on Shinola’s roots in Detroit and what motivated the company to focus their operations in the city long recognised as a manufacturing metropolis.

“Manufacturing in this country is at a turning point, and Shinola is proud to support the movement to revive this part of our country’s history,” said Panis. “We believe it’s imperative for companies to prioritise quality over quantity, and workforce investment over fast profits, with the unified mission to reinvigorate American manufacturing.”

“The Fair Fashion Center is thrilled to kick off the 2017 town hall series, welcoming Jacques Panis and Selby Drummond for a timely conversation on building an American brand and workforce,” said Cara Smyth, Vice President of GCU New York. “Jacques has been an instrumental partner to the Fair Fashion Center, helping to guide our vision of creating an industry that is a respectful, regenerative ecosystem that supports people, planet and profits. The fashion industry’s commitment to employment opportunities and job creation both in America and throughout the world is a critically important conversation, and we are pleased to provide an open forum to share best practices and enact change.”

GCU NY’s Town Hall series gathers a range of leaders from various industries and organisations to offer different perspectives on sustainable development, job creation and identifying new solutions for the apparel industry and beyond. The driving force of the series is to unite professors and professionals with industry experts to facilitate new learning incorporating profitability with ethical, environmental and social considerations.