Anthrocratos wins EU gaming prize

01 December 2016

A game designed by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) students, which previously saw off competition from 81 other teams across Europe to win a major award, has landed another accolade.

The game, Anthrocratos, which encourages the player to create a sustainable environment in their country before the other player achieves the same, won the YOUROPE competition in May this year. The competition was a collaboration between the European Youth Event (EYE 16), Games for Change Europe and the European Parliament.

Now the game has come second in the Serious Games Society/Games and Learning Alliance competition. The network, which is funded through the European Union, promotes and researches the potential of Serious Games to support education and training.

The fourth-year students behind the game are: Design Hamish Zerbinati and Rory Whittle; Art Beatrice Farias, Nikolett Losonci, Victoria Middleton and Lauryn McCorkell; Programming Kieran Gallagher, Jordan Coyle and David Stuart.

The team will pick up their prize at an awards ceremony at Utrecht University in the Netherlands on December 7.

David Farrell, GCU lecturer in Digital Design Technologies, said: “Games are increasingly being used not only to entertain, but to raise and explore really hard questions. These students explored the problem of living in the man-made climate era and have made a really special game.  I’m delighted that their success continues.”