GCU and Celtic FC Foundation welcome music education experts

03 November 2016

Professors Ockelford and Welch with GCU Drs Cassidy and Ferguson

Professors Ockelford and Welch with GCU Drs Cassidy and Ferguson

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and the Celtic FC Foundation today hosted a workshop with two of the world’s leading academics and practitioners in music education to discuss new approaches to helping young people with special needs.

Renowned music education researchers Professors Adam Ockelford and Graham Welch explained their ‘Sounds of Intent’ programme, an online resource which helps children with learning difficulties engage with music, and how their musical skills and interests develop over time.

They met with schoolteachers who work with children with special needs, representatives from Scottish Opera and RSNO, community musicians, educational psychologists, the voluntary sector, parents and young people.

Celtic FC Foundation and GCU highlighted their joint programme in digital education for schools, led by Dr Gianna Cassidy and Dr Morag Ferguson of the School of Engineering and Built Environment.

This work has included the award-winning Gaming for Glasgow project, which saw 200 GCU students and pupils from 10 Glasgow schools create games to promote the legacy of the Commonwealth Games.

Through a school music programme, Celtic FC Foundation funds music education in 21 schools, as well as in six assisted learning schools.

The workshop will help develop the teaching skills available in Glasgow in music in assisted learning schools, as well as encouraging more knowledge sharing and infrastructure development across the City to promote the positive role music can play in developing social skills, motor skills and a broader engagement in education.

Dr Cassidy said: “We are delighted to be hosting this event and to celebrate the fantastic work being carried out by the educators, practitioners and pupils on this programme. Music and technology are powerful tools for wellbeing. GCU's collaboration with the Celtic FC Foundation approaches 2017 with a programme of work to raise awareness of and access to music technology, exploring how research evidence can be translated into practical interventions and applications for wellbeing.”