GCU offers unique Big Data programme

14 June 2016

The programme reflects the needs of business, industry and society.

The programme reflects the needs of business, industry and society.

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) will play a key role in arming graduates with the skills to work with emerging Big Data computing technologies. 

From September, GCU will roll out its MSc/PgD Big Data Technologies programme to postgraduate students, which is endorsed by global analytics organisation, SAS.

Peter Barrie, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer, Communications & Interactive Systems, School of Engineering and Built Environment, said: “Big Data and associated technologies are rapidly being integrated into all sectors of business and industry. The new techniques bring speed and efficiency. 

“Previously, an organisation may have gathered and stored a limited volume of data, analysed it over time and made some useful but limited observations that could help their business processes. 

“Today, that business can use Big Data techniques on very large data sets to identify insights for immediate decisions. The ability to work rapidly in an agile manner provides businesses with a competitive advantage they didn’t previously have.

“This is a great new opportunity for GCU to help students develop strong skills in the most exciting technologies emerging in the world of computing today − data analytics, Big Data computing platforms and programming techniques, cloud computing and web technologies, and Internet of Things (IoT). 

“The programme has been designed with a completely new set of modules to ensure that it perfectly reflects the needs of business, industry and society − today and into the future. To complement these exciting developments we are pleased to announce the availability of new scholarships to help support students in their next step to an amazing new career.” 

There are two types of scholarships available: GCU scholarships for international (£4K) and home (£2K) students; and Data Lab scholarships (full fees paid) for home (Scottish) and EU students. The programme is also eligible for the SAAS loan scheme for home (Scottish) students. 

Through Data Lab − which facilitates collaborations between industry, public sector and universities − students on the programme will also be part of the Scotland-wide community that is working with pioneering technologies and ideas in Big Data and Data Science. Students will be financially supported to travel and take part in Data Lab events across the country.