GCU researchers bolstering economic growth in Latin America

09 March 2016

The University of Ibague, Colombia, one of four institutions where the research will be developed

The University of Ibague, Colombia, one of four institutions where the research will be developed

Latin American universities will be better equipped to enhance economic growth as a result of new research project led by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU).

The three-year, multi-partner project, is focused on improving Latin American universities’ connection with industry and wider society through building up their research capacity and doctoral expertise.

GCU is collaborating with institutions in Germany, Slovenia and Spain on the Erasmus+ funded project which will be developed at four institutions in Panama and Colombia before being rolled out across Spanish-speaking Latin America.

The project aims to embed a research culture into the activities of Latin American universities, provide a training toolkit for PhD supervisors and create a support network for PhD students.

Professor David Edgar, from the Glasgow School for Business and Society, is leading the project, supported by Senior Lecturer, Dr Peter Duncan, in collaboration with The Europe Office.

Professor Edgar said: “This is an exciting project, working closely with colleagues from across Europe and Latin America. A research infrastructure is vital for universities if they are to make a meaningful contribution to economies and to society.

“Latin America has experienced strong economic growth in recent years and this project will enable its universities to play a greater role, sharing knowledge, encouraging innovation and developing commercial activities.”

The £630,000 research project is funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+ which supports projects designed to develop education systems and build capacity at universities.

GCU has an excellent track record in securing Erasmus+ funding, with eight projects currently under way, including another multi-partner project in Latin America considering the benefits of social innovation.

Mark Anderson, Director of GCU’s Europe Office, said: “GCU’s success in this programme is unprecedented, with no other UK university securing more than three projects. All projects align perfectly with the University’s vision to have a global reputation for delivering social benefit and impact through education, research and social innovation and relate directly to our strategic goals.”