Game Jam becomes a ritual at GCU

01 February 2016

Jammers had 48 hours to create a game on the theme of 'ritual'.

Jammers had 48 hours to create a game on the theme of 'ritual'.

Students and staff from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) once again took part in a world-wide digital games-design event.

The Global Game Jam is the world's largest game-creation event, which takes place over a 48-hour period.

Participating ‘jammers’ were given the theme word of ‘ritual’ at the beginning of the event, late on a Friday afternoon, and had until Sunday afternoon to complete a game based upon it.

This year, more than 36,000 jammers registered at 630 locations in 93 countries.

GCU’s Saltire Centre hosted 180 jammers, a mix of students from GCU, the University of West of Scotland and Glasgow School Art, along with industry professionals and keen amateurs.

GCU was placed 38th in the world in terms of number of registrations and was placed third in the UK.

While the aim of the Game Jam is collaboration over competition, GCU gave out awards for games based on four categories at the end of the event, as voted for by all jammers on site:

According to Brian McDonald, GCU’s Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer in Games Software Development, the Global Game Jam invites students to explore new technology tools, try new roles in development and test their skills.

He said: “The Global Game Jam is one of the highlights of the gaming year. The event is a celebration of the game-development process and highlights the amazing work that can be completed by talented and passionate people in such a small period of time. 

“For GCU students, it gives them an excellent opportunity to practice game creation in an environment that is geared towards making something interesting and fun. They receive support from the other jammers who come from other universities or industry and, during the course of the Jam, they are able to receive guidance and feedback from Industry mentors.”

GCU's School of Engineering and Built Environment offers its thanks to the following for their support during the event:

  • Outplay Entertainment
  • Blazing Griffin
  • All 4 Games 
  • Tag Games
  • No Code
  • We Throw Switches
  • Tony Gowland from Ant Workshop
  • Paul Leishman from Team Rock Games
  • Alice Rendall from Kobojo Games
  • Jess Hider from Epic Games