PhD researcher receives prestigious New York State Archives access award

04 November 2015

A Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) PhD health history researcher, studying in the Glasgow School for Business and Society, has been awarded a prestigious award to allow her access to the New York State Archives.

Rachel Hewitt is a recipient of the Larry J. Hackman Research Residency Award, which allows her to work at the New York State Archives to explore little-used records relating to her research on the Craig Epileptic Colony. The institution was established in 1894 for people in New York who had epilepsy. 

The Larry J. Hackman Research Residency programme honours the New York State Archivist who managed the dramatic development of the State Archives between 1981 and 1995.

Rachel is researching the education and treatment of people with epilepsy in colonies in London and Manchester as part of a Wellcome Trust-funded PhD.  The Craig Colony in New York was viewed by many British neurologists as an exciting new venture for the treatment of epilepsy during this period and was frequently compared to British institutions.

Rachel aims to understand the transnational elements of neurological research during the period 1900-1939 and to examine the differences in people’s experiences in the US and the UK. Throughout the residency, workshops and talks will be held at New York State Archives and a paper produced for the Archives’ magazine in order to maximise dissemination.