GCU NY hosts Fashion Garage at Fashion Sharing Progress Town Hall

04 November 2015

Fashion Garage founders Simon Collins and Julie Gilhart

Fashion Garage founders Simon Collins and Julie Gilhart

Glasgow Caledonian University New York (GCU) teamed up with Fashion Garage to discuss responsible design in the latest Fashion Sharing Progress Town Hall event.

Fashion Garage founders Julie Gilhart and Simon Collins discussed the value of responsible design and instilling it from the beginning of a designer’s career.

Fashion Garage allows fledgling designers to access its founders’ wealth of industry experience for free. Julie Gilhart spent more than a decade at Barneys New York as a fashion director, and Simon Collins is a former Dean of Parsons School of Fashion and has worked as designer and creative director for companies such as Nike and Zegna.

Throughout the conversation, they provided insight and inspiration on how to succeed in the fashion industry. Simon Collins said:“It’s up to us. We have to be responsible. And the good news, of course, is that in our phones we have every bit of information that’s ever existed, so it’s impossible to not know what you’re buying.” 

A Q&A session widened the conversation to social media, and generated topics on the value of sustainability and technology integration as methods to transform the future of fashion.

Julie Gilhart said: “Thank you to all who came and confidently exposed their weaknesses in order to grow and better themselves for the greater good.” 

GCU New York and Fashion Garage share a dedication to sustainability in the apparel and accessories sector. GCU New York’s Fair Fashion Center provides industry leaders with market-based solutions that prove the links between reduced social and environmental impacts and increased profitability.

Cara Smyth, Vice President of GCU New York, said: “We were delighted to host the Q&A with Julie and Simon. Their conversation surrounding ways to foster responsibility in fashion is a core value of GCU and the Fair Fashion Center. Together, GCU and Fashion Garage broadened the conversation, and inspired the industry to use responsible design as a catalyst for creativity that will ultimately distinguish them as smart, savvy, and successful within the industry.”