GCU celebrates Caledonian College of Engineering graduations in Oman

02 November 2015

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and its partner institution Caledonian College of Engineering (CCE) in Oman celebrated the College's 21st ceremony with the graduations of 390 students, of which over 340 are GCU graduates.

GCU’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor James Miller, Chair of Court Mrs Hazel Brooke MBE, and School of Engineering and Built Environment Dean Professor Iain Cameron joined His Excellency Dr Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al Sarmi, Undersecretary of Oman’s Ministry of Higher Education; Sheikh Dr Salim Bin Said Bin Hamed Al Fannah Al Araimi; and Dean Dr Ahmed Al Bulushi at the ceremony.

CCE collaborates with GCU in the UK and with VIT University in India to offer four-year degree and honours degree programmes approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Professor Cameron said: “We offer our sincere congratulations to all graduates as they go forward to their chosen careers or continue their studies. As a globally networked University, we are demonstrating our global reach.

“The partnership with Caledonian College has been in place for two decades and the college produces around 60 per cent of traditional engineering graduates in Oman. This remarkable statistic communicates the significance and impact this partnership has both in Oman and for GCU through our international strategy which has seen the School develop a global engineering curriculum which underpins all of our student studies, regardless of location.”

Dr Ahmed Hassan Al Bulushi, Dean of CCE, addressed graduands: “As students you faced one set of challenges that with time and support you managed to overcome. You are going to face a different set of challenges as graduate engineers that will seem just as insurmountable in your first days of employment as those you contended with as a student. This is a fact of life.

"Be assured, however, that you will cope in employment or in business activity just as admirably as you coped in the college. That is because your training has equipped you to become a professional, able to reason over problems and come up with solutions, based on your knowledge of the subject and your ability to consult with expert references.”

CCE also presented special awards for high achievement. These included the Caledonian Gold Medal for Academic Excellence, the Late Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Fannah Al Araimi Citizenship Award for outstanding contribution to the college and to the student community, and the Caledonian Meritorious Award Postgraduate and Undergraduate for those excelling in each engineering discipline and at each level.

More than 3,000 undergraduate degrees and 50 postgraduate degrees have already been awarded by the College, which was named the Best Educational Institution in Engineering by the World Education Congress in 2011. GCU has been working with the College since 1996 and offers its largest programme of transnational education there to undergraduate and postgraduate students.