Games students shortlisted for BAFTA

18 August 2015

A team of games students from GCU were among three to be shortlisted for a BAFTA

A team of games students from GCU were among three to be shortlisted for a BAFTA

A team of GCU students has been shortlisted for a BAFTA at Scotland’s biggest video games festival. 

During the Dare to be Digital game-design competition, GCU team Pictrail created a game called Selfienation, where the goal is to challenge friends to take selfies before rating them.

The BAFTA-shortlisted team was made up of a group of second and third-year students from GCU’s Computer Games Software Development, Computer Games Design and Computer Games Art and Animation programmes.

This year, 16 student teams from around the world built games at their home universities before travelling to Abertay University in Dundee to showcase their creations at the Dare to be Digital Protoplay final. 

GCU was well represented at this year’s competition, with two full teams and one student in another team for a total of 12 students.

Also shortlisted for the BAFTA are The Wall Shall Stand, by Pixel Tailors, where players attempt to start a revolution in an abstract version of Berlin; and Sundown, by Los Angeles students Mild Beast Games, a multi-player stealth game where everyone is invisible in the dark, until the player opens fire and reveals their position.

Brian McDonald, Programme Leader and Lecturer in Games Software Development for the School of Engineering and Built Environment, said: “Dare to be Digital really is the premier games event in Scotland, so it is a fantastic showcase for our students’ ability.

“The Dare to be Digital Protoplay is a public event, so the game was played by people of all ages, from all walks of life.

“For them to be nominated for a BAFTA shows that both their idea and execution was great.

“A selfie-based game is very generational and shows the students have a grasp of the current zeitgeist in social games.”

GCU student Ric Barros from Pictrail said: “It feels amazing. There are just no words to describe it.

“Our game is so different, so weird, that we thought no one would go for it. When we were shortlisted, we really didn’t believe it.”

The BAFTA Ones to Watch winners will be announced at the British Academy Games Awards early in 2016.