IASP awards GCU grant for collaboration in pain research

24 July 2015

Glasgow Caledonian University’s Dr Joanna McParland, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, has been awarded a prestigious collaborative research grant for a two-year project analysing the impact of parental emotions and behaviours on their child’s pain.

The International Association for the Study of Pain has awarded funding of $15,000 (£10,000) to Dr McParland and a team from the Universities of Ghent, Alabama at Birmingham and Oxford and the IWK Health Centre in Canada.

The project, entitled ‘It’s Not Fair: Emotion Dynamics and Impact of Parental Appraisals of Injustice in the Context of Paediatric Pain’, will be used to enable cross-site visits to conduct research combining various theoretical perspectives and methodologies to investigate the impact of parental interpersonal dynamics in the context of paediatric pain.

Two studies will be conducted, the first involving focus groups to investigate the injustice appraisals of parents who have children with chronic pain, at three research sites: Ghent University, Glasgow Caledonian University and University of Alabama at Birmingham, to enable cross-cultural comparisons to be made.

The second study will involve an experiment to investigate the impact of parental injustice appraisals on their child’s response to pain e.g. suffering, distress, pain behaviour.

Dr McParland says: “This project is significant because it brings together leading experts in respective fields to examine fundamental but hitherto unanswered questions regarding interpersonal dynamics in paediatric pain. The IASP collaborative grant will facilitate learning opportunities and allow cutting edge research that would not otherwise be realised.”

The IASP Collaborative Research Grants support international interdisciplinary collaborations in pain research.

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