Cancer awareness inspires new drama mini-series

13 July 2015

Professor Di Mambro

Professor Di Mambro

MA TV Fiction Writing lecturer and script writer Professor Ann Marie Di Mambro has written a drama mini-series for BBC Radio 4 on a subject close to her heart.

A lecturer on GCU's flagship MA TV Fiction Writing programme, Professor Di Mambro’s latest work, Rachel’s Cousins, is a drama about the BRCA2 gene which increases the risk of breast cancer to carriers.

Professor Di Mambro, who has written for shows including EastEnders, Waterloo Road, Casualty, Holby City and, most recently, The Coroner, wrote the drama as the gene is carried in her family and she knows only too well the effects this can have.

She said: "BRCA2 is not good news but our awareness of it is. This gene is in my family and the subject matter is very close to my heart, and I know the impact this news has on a family. The drama, for me, is an opportunity to raise awareness of the issue. A single blood test will reveal the presence of the gene and there is an incredible level of support and options available in the event of a positive result.”

The drama is also about the importance of family. Professor Di Mambro created a character, Rachel, who is successful, professional and reluctant to form family ties with her cousins. However, following the discovery of the BRAC 2 gene, Rachel must reacquaint herself with her family. The series addresses family issues and each of the characters are linked through their shared experience which slowly pulls Rachel into their family circle.

Rachel's Cousins begins on BBC4's Woman's Hour from Monday 20 to Friday 24 July at 10.45am.

Professor Di Mambro is currently in Italy working to develop an original TV mini-series, while her latest episodes for new BBC TV drama The Coroner will air in the Autumn.