GCU nursing students work to improve healthcare in Malawi

26 May 2015

The team who are working in Malawi

The team who are working in Malawi

A team of five GCU nursing students have travelled to Malawi to improve healthcare for people with learning disabilities.

Corrinne Taylor, Rachael Hainie, Eve Ferguson, Michael Kemp and Jennifer McDonald, who are all in the second year of their BSc Nursing (Learning Disabilities) studies, will work with the University of Malawi’s Kamuzu Nursing College in Lilongwe to care for people with learning disabilities and raise awareness of HIV and Aids among people with limited literacy skills. They also hope to develop further links between GCU and the Malawian institution.

Corrinne will be in Malawi until September, while the rest of the team will return in mid-July. They have been joined for the first week in Malawi by Lecturer Alan Middleton.

Said Corrinne: “In Malawi, only 25 per cent of people who have a disability and need medical treatment have access to necessary services. We want to put the skills we have acquired in our studies to use to benefit them. We also hope our time in Malawi will help us to develop resilience, to allow us to handle difficult situations with grace, and encourage us to be resourceful, work together as a team, and appreciate things we might currently take for granted. It will be helpful to see how nurses in Malawi remain positive and motivated in the face of greater hardship than we will face in our careers in the UK.”

Added Alan: “This is a great, exciting  opportunity for our students. An alumna, Lucia Collen, who studied an MSc in Public Health at GCU has been instrumental in establishing the relationship with the University of Malawi, where she is a lecturer. We hope that the students’ visit will help us to further develop partnerships, not just for nursing students but across the allied health professions.”

Follow the team’s progress on their blog