GCU students celebrate International Nurses Day

13 May 2015

Andrea Hiller and Professor Barbara Parfitt discuss her career

Andrea Hiller and Professor Barbara Parfitt discuss her career

GCU’s nursing students gathered to celebrate International Nurses Day and explore this year’s theme - A Force for Change: Care Effective, Cost Effective.

Held annually on the anniversary of the birthday of Florence Nightingale, International Nurses Day celebrates the profession and the role of nurses around the world.

Professor Barbara Parfitt, founding principal of GCCN, GCU’s partner institution in Bangladesh, discussed her inspirational career nursing in some of the world’s most remote and disadvantaged regions; Dr Kay Currie and Dr Ima Jackson, discussed the role of GCU’s World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre, including a study of language issues as a key barrier to accessing and delivering healthcare in the UK, and Lecturer Agi McFarland explored health economics in the NHS.

Senior Lecturer Andrea Hiller said: “International Nurses Day is about celebrating us and our wonderful profession but also about ensuring our voice is heard. I hope you have been inspired and understand how much you have to contribute to supporting nurses in other countries, advocating for your sisters and brothers around the world. Travelling in my career inspired me and changed Barbara Parfitt’s life. Nothing can take away that experience of learning from people in another country so that’s why, as well as offering  student nurses opportunities to travel and study abroad, we are further exploring partnerships and online learning.”