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GCU highlights body senses and food and drink for Science Festival programme

24 April 2015

Life scientists from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) are delivering a series of events about the workings of the human body, and food and drink.

Taking part during Glasgow Science Festival 2015 (June 4 to 14), which is celebrating Glasgow’s Green Year, Food and Drink, and Light as its core themes, GCU will celebrate biosciences and dietetics through interactive demonstrations and career information.

School children will learn how the human body works in action, with a laboratory workshop taking participants on a journey through the wonders of the body.

GCU will also take participants on an entertaining and informative exploration of body senses in an evening event, open to the public on June 10.

This ‘touchy-feely’ public lecture will use scientific demonstrations and audience participation to explain how humans are able to experience the sensations of pain, temperature, body position and balance.

To register, please visit the booking page.

For older school pupils and careers advisers, GCU will help explain what a dietitian does to provide information to encourage school pupils to consider nutrition and dietetics as a career choice. 

The event will highlight the way that dietitians use the latest scientific research to translate into practical dietary advice that will enable people to make healthy lifestyle choices. The event will tie in with 'Dietitians Week', which runs from June 8 to 12. Participants will be able to take part in activities such as measuring percentage body fat, estimating their own energy requirements, and conducting a diet analysis using nutritional software.

The Scottish Year of Food and Drink 2015, provides an ideal opportunity to give an insight into the diverse roles of scientists within the food industry, the single largest manufacturing industry in the UK, turning over more than £70bn per annum and employing 15% of the total UK workforce.

This taster session will give secondary school pupils and teachers an overview of the diverse career opportunities available to graduates in food biosicence, incorporating a participative workshop.

For details of all the events during Glasgow Science Festival, please see the website.