GCU showcases NIHR research into self-management support interventions

12 March 2015

GCU researcher Lisa Kidd

GCU researcher Lisa Kidd

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is hosting a seminar to showcase the findings from three National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)-funded reviews into the effectiveness of self-management support interventions.

Speakers contributing include Professor Stephanie Taylor, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Dr Gemma Pearce, Coventry University, Professor Peter Bower, University of Manchester and Dr Paul Galdas, University of York.

This NIHR-funded self-management showcase seminar is the first in a series of seminars on self-management research to be hosted by GCU.

Professor Taylor of Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry and Dr Gemma Pearce of Coventry University will present the findings from a mixed methods review of existing evidence to determine which forms of self-management support are the most effective for patients with a wide variety of long-term conditions (PRISMS study). 

Professor Peter Bower from the University of Manchester will present the findings from a review of models of self-management support and their association with specific outcomes including reductions in health service utilisation and patient outcomes (RECURSIVE study). 

Finally, Dr Paul Galdas from the University of York will focus on the findings from a review of self-management support interventions specifically for men with long-term conditions (SelfMAN study), on which GCU’s Dr Lisa Kidd and Dr Kerri McPherson worked.

Around 15 million people in the United Kingdom have a chronic or long term health problem, with men more likely than women to develop the most common and disabling of these types of conditions. Helping people ‘self-manage’ a long term health condition can result in better health for patients, fewer admissions into hospital, and large cost savings for the NHS. As a result, evaluating the effectiveness of different mechanisms to support self-management, and their integration into health and social-care practice remains a high research priority. 

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is one of the largest funders of health and social care research in the United Kingdom.  NIHR offer funding through a range of programmes, all of which are designed to fund research that provides information of immediate value to healthcare decision and policy-making and meets the needs of the public, patients and the NHS.

The seminar will be held on April 13 at GCU from 1-3.30pm in Room A423, Govan Mbeki Building. Lunch will be provided. Everyone is welcome to attend.