Gathering The Voices exhibition to mark Holocaust Day

16 January 2015

Angela Shapiro

Angela Shapiro

A unique travelling exhibition, developed by Gathering the Voices in partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and inspired by the experiences of Jewish refugees who fled Nazi persecution as children, will form the centrepiece of an event to mark National Holocaust Day.

Guests, including members of GCU staff, have been invited to attend the memorial event hosted by the Provost and Councillors at South Ayrshire Council on Tuesday, January 27.

The display has been travelling to venues across the country, including schools, to tell the stories of the Kindertransport refugees who escaped persecution to make Scotland their adopted home in the 1930s and 1940s.

The exhibition is one of a series of activities being carried out by Gathering The Voices, in partnership with GCU. Other projects include sourcing funding, the development of educational digital applications by students and the development of a book-cover design for Surviving Brigitte’s Secret, a memoir written by GCU alumna Saskia Tepe about her mother’s experience during the holocaust and its impact on future generations of their family.

Angela Shapiro, Senior Lecturer at GCU and one of the founding members of the Gathering The Voices Association, said: “The exhibition contains a wealth of fascinating images and visual material that helps to brings to life the experiences of the people who came to Scotland to escape the Holocaust.

“It is an excellent resource to support education about the Holocaust, the Second World War and the human experience of refugees, and we are delighted that it is valued by organisations and education providers.”

Gathering The Voices’ primary focus is to gather the testimonies of men and women who sought safety in Scotland after escaping the racism of Nazi-dominated Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. Most, but not all, were Jewish. To listen to the stories, which are told by the refugees themselves, visit

Mrs Shapiro will deliver an address to fellow academics from Scottish universities later this month during which she will highlight how students at GCU have embraced the Gathering The Voices project through a variety of inspiring learning and teaching initiatives.