Lecture theatre alive with the psychology of music

15 December 2014

The event will take place in the Carnegie Lecture Theatre

The event will take place in the Carnegie Lecture Theatre

Students, staff and guests will be given an insight into the psychology of music on Wednesday 17 December as part of GCU’s Christmas lecture series.

Starting at 11am in the Carnegie Lecture Theatre (C001), the lecture will attempt to explain why certain types of music appeal to some people but are disliked by others, and why some sounds make people jump while others soothe.

Audio specialist Dr Don Knox and a host of guests will present using demonstrations and interactive sessions - including a live band, audience voting with red ears/green ears and a special surprise symbol specially created for the event.

Senior Lecturer Patrick Quinn explained: “It's a Christmas lecture in the style of Royal Institution Lectures [which are broadcast by the BBC each year] and aims to present scientific topics to a general audience, but particularly young people, in an informative and entertaining manner.

“As we are presenting this lecture in association with the Audio Engineering Society, we have chosen the topic of the psychology of sound and music as it has universal appeal.

“The event is meant to educate and, hopefully in the case of the younger audience, inspire them to explore any interest they have in music and sound, whether it is on the creative side, the more technical or, as we do at GCU, combining the two together.”

BBC Scotland is assisting on the day, streaming the event live on the internet. The event is being used as an exercise for eight BBC trainees, as well as providing a unique experience for 18 GCU audio students, who will be trained on operating a camera, sound and vision equipment, and acting as floor managers.

The live stream can be viewed here

Tickets are still available via Eventbrite here