GCU students tour Houses of Parliament

03 December 2014

Lord Reid of Cardowan joins GCU students in London

Lord Reid of Cardowan joins GCU students in London

The Rt Hon. the Lord Reid of Cardowan joined GCU students on a tour of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

The students have been whisked off to London for the tour, as well as to meet the developers of hit indie games such as Moshi Monsters.

The trip has been supported by Founders Forum For Good, which supports the idea that successful digital entrepreneurs have a responsibility to share their skills and resources, and the Celtic FC Foundation.

Students from the School of Engineering and Built Environment are visiting London with Dr Morag Ferguson, Assistant Head of Strategy for Learning and Digital Futures and gaming designer and lecturer David Farrell and will be taken to Tech City.

They are accompanied by schoolchildren from Glasgow who participated in the recent Gaming for Glasgow event and created a winning game.

Gaming for Glasgow was a Game Changer award-winning collaboration between GCU’s School of Engineering and Built Environment, GCU’s Caledonian Club and Celtic FC Foundation.

It brought together more than 200 GCU students and staff and pupils from nine primary and secondary schools from the East End of Glasgow.

Thirty digital games were created for the project, co-designed with GCU students and all based on the Glasgow 2014 Legacy Priorities ‘active’, ‘connected’, ‘flourishing’ and ‘sustainable’.

Jonathan Goodwin, partner of Lepe Partners and one of the Founders Forum entrepreneurs, announced the two winning games at the showcase − Trash Bash (Dalmarnock Primary) and Buoy We’re In Trouble (Newhills Secondary) − and promised to take some students and school pupils on a trip to London to meet a number of tech entrepreneurs and publishers including the founder of Moshi Monsters and the owner of Octonaughts.

Jonathan said: “With this trip, we want to give pupils the inspiration and students the guidance to become entrepreneurs. Hopefully we will stimulate dreams, ideas and ambitions. These developers are people I have known for many, many years and totally embrace the idea of helping the next generation of digital entrepreneurs find their feet.”

Dr Gianna Cassidy, lecturer and Gaming for Glasgow project organiser, said: “This is an incredible opportunity for GCU game students and we can’t thank Jonathan and Celtic FC Foundation enough for their continued support and guidance.

“We are proud the Game Changer programme has been a platform for bringing the best talent in the world into the lives and education of GCU students and the young people of Glasgow.”