Student entrepreneurs come together at UHatch

28 November 2014

The workshop was designed to help students explore their business ideas

The workshop was designed to help students explore their business ideas

Glasgow Caledonian University’s (GCU) aspiring entrepreneurs came together at a student workshop hosted by UHatch, a new GCU initiative designed to support students, staff and alumni to develop their entrepreneurial skills and start up their own businesses.

The workshop, which took place during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 (November 17 to 23), helped students explore their business ideas and take them from an idea to market.

The session covered a range of topics and featured inspirational speakers from the Scottish Institute of Enterprise (SIE), Santander and a range of Scottish SMEs, including GCU graduate Sam Amjadi, founder of smart telephony provider LiGo, and current student Stephen Chalmers, founder of Altogether Travel.

The entrepreneurs talked about their own business start-up experience and agreed confidence, passion, belief and a short, snappy elevator pitch were key to a successful start-up.

Professor Bruce Wood of the School of Engineering and Built Environment is the academic lead for the UHatch initiative. He said: “The workshop was aimed at students who are interested in starting up their own business but are not sure how to form their idea into a business, or just need help coming with an idea in the first place.

“It was a great opportunity for them to speak to experts, gain an understanding of entrepreneurship and think about how they can bring their ideas one step closer to market.”

Philip Jaiwo, an MSc Social Business and Microfinance student, said: “I have a lot of business ideas, most of them charity-focused, so I came along today to find out how I can get connected to this type of industry.

“I’ve spoken to the presenters here today and it feels encouraging that my ideas could help to make an impact on people’s lives.

“I will use UHatch as my hub where I can work on and develop these ideas.”