Student Mentors


(Mentoring and Peer Support @ GCU)

At Glasgow Caledonian you will have a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and get involved in a whole range of activities.  But we know that University can sometimes present some challenges too, as you adjust to a new environment, new people, and new ways of doing things which might be very different from school or college.  You will be reassured to know that you have chosen a University with a fantastic reputation for student support, and one of the many services we have available for students are MAPS Peer Mentors.

What Are Mentors and How Can They Help?

MAPS Mentors are all current students at GCU who can provide a point of contact to help with any queries or issues you may have.  They know exactly what it is like to be a new student at University and they can offer a point of contact, a friendly ear, re-assurance, practical information, and advice.  Most importantly they will be able to signpost you to the staff and services who can deal with just about any issue you might have.  If there is ANY aspect of University you are not sure about, no matter how small it might seem, and you are not sure who to speak to or where to go, then ask a mentor - if they can't help you they will know someone who can!

How Do I Contact A Mentor?

If you would like to meet up with a mentor, just send an e-mail to the MAPS Mentor Mailbase - - and we will arrange for someone to contact you.  Alternatively, you can e-mail the Mailbase with any query you might have and someone will respond as soon as possible.  Mentors will also advertise their availability on departmental notice boards, so look out for the Mentors in your school or department.

We wish you every success in your studies at Glasgow Caledonian - if we can help with anything at all just email:

Frank Brown
+44 141 273 1268