Postgraduate Study

The academic year at a glance


Term times vary depending on the duration of your programme but there are a number of key activities that we recommend all of our postgrad students try during their time at GCU.

Postgraduate study is often the first step in an exciting new chapter in your life. Whether you are specialising or changing career path or embarking on an academic career, at GCU there are a range of services to help make your postgraduate programme fit around your changing circumstances.

Term times vary depending on the duration of your programme but there are a number of key activities that we recommend all of our postgrad students try during their time at GCU.

Student Induction

At GCU we believe that with the right support everyone’s postgrad experience can be life changing.

Throughout your studies our Registry team, library staff and Learning Development Centres will be there to provide you with the level of support you need. All you have to do is ask.

You will find the University a place for serious study within a relaxed and supportive environment. The best way to familiarise yourself with the excellent facilities on campus is to take part in the student induction programme. Induction includes social events, welcome sessions, tours and talks.

We asked our existing students their top 10 must-dos for new students to cover in their first week at GCU. For all the latest induction news, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Industry experience and student exchanges

Whatever your chosen discipline, all of our postgraduate programmes aim to provide you with the balance between academic excellence and industry relevance that is needed to succeed in today’s competitive market.

We offer small classes, a mix of local and international students, relevant teaching by top-level Professors, with both research and professional experience, and regular guest lecturers from industry.

There are exchange and study abroad options available on some programmes where suitable, it may also be possible to arrange a semester or year abroad independently. Your Programme Leader can advise you on whether your period abroad will be credit bearing or time out of your studies.  

Spending time in Glasgow

Despite being Scotland’s largest city, the centre of Glasgow is compact and easy to explore with all amenities within easy reach of the Glasgow Caledonian campus. The people of Glasgow, known as 'Glaswegians', are famed for their warm and friendly disposition – attributes which create a wonderfully pleasant environment in which to live and study.

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Spending time in Scotland

Scotland is the most northerly country in the United Kingdom and, with a population of more than five million people, retains a culture that is distinct from the rest of the British Isles. Historic and cosmopolitan cities, breathtaking beaches and some of the most beautiful countryside in the world all attract over 15 million tourists to Scotland each year. Glasgow’s location at the heart of the country means you are ideally located to tour the country when you have time off from your studies. To find out more visit


Working during your studies

If you are studying at GCU on a study visa, you must ensure that you adhere to the working conditions permitted.

Visa working entitlement

If your visa entitles you to work, during term time you are permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week. During vacation time you can work full-time only after you have submitted your dissertation. 

Making the most of your budget

When planning your time as a postgraduate student, it is important to get your budget right early on. On average we estimate that you will need £800 a month to cover essentials:

  • Accommodation £400
  • Energy bills £40
  • Food/household goods £160
  • Local transport £35
  • Social activities £100
  • Telephone and internet £25
  • Books and printings £40

Total: £800

Want to start planning your monthly budget now? Our budget calculator can help. During your time here we have funding and support staff on-hand to help you manage your money effectively; don’t be afraid to ask for help.